"ZAGALISA" is the oldest newspaper of the forty-thousand Greek Thrace’s Pomaks.

     It was established in 1997. Today, this newspaper is re-published in order to:
a) reserve the Pomak language which is included in the catalogue of the lessspeaking languages in Europe,
b) defend the cultural rights of the Pomaks
c) demand from the Greek government to stop treating legally and practically the Pomak population as a part of the Turkish-speaking Muslim minority with which the only bonds that exist are the religious ones.
d) invite the international organizations such as the European Union, the United
Nations, human rights’ organizations and the common opinion, to protect the Pomaks from the genocide practices which the members of the Greek Thrace’s Turkish-speaking minority are carrying out (in cooperation with the Turkish government). At this point, we must mention that these members are denying to the Pomaks the right of self-determination, forcing them to declare that they are Turkish and not Pomaks in a racist way.
We declare that the fight which is being carried out by the Greek Thrace’s Turkish speaking people in order to protect their rights is hypocritical as it is being based on the racism and the psychological violence against the Pomaks. We do not want to be Pomak minority inside Turkish minority, we just want to be Pomaks in the name of the a free and democratic Greek society.
(τεύχος 16, Απρίλιος 2008)